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It's the little stories that are so easily forgotten, that are so important to remember.

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I am a Vancouver, WA photographer.  And story is where it all starts for me. As I look back at my own wedding day, the birth of my kids and every moment since then, I realize how quickly it goes and how easy it is to forget the little moments. My first priority as a photographer is to tell my family's story.  The big moments and the little ones in between.  Because story is important.  Our history is important.

What does that mean for you? Invite me to be there for your bigger moments and I will do my best to capture all the little ones in between that will be so easily forgotten without an image to take you back.  And if you want to connect about how you can take it from there and be your own family's story-teller, I'd love to chat about that, too!

Now some of my story, so we aren't strangers...

My husband and I moved to the Northwest about 9 years ago.  This is the longest I have ever lived anywhere!  Growing up as a military brat, we were all over the place. :-) I am happy to say we are settled and love the Northwest and are blessed to have the opportunity to raise our 2 beautiful daughters here.

I got my B.A. in music at Anderson University and my Masters in Teaching at Washington State University.  I am a self-taught photographer...seeking every opportunity for learning and growing as an artist.  Sometimes I forget that I've loved photography for a long time.  Way back in the day (you know…the 90s!!) I bought my first film SLR.  And I drove all my college friends crazy by photographing everything and everyone.  I still have some of the images of the "modeling" sessions I did with some of my friends.  One of my absolute favorite photographs of all time was taken with that camera.  My two sweet little cousins (now beautiful, grown women) are ducking for cover as their large dog shook water all over them! But time moved on and digital became the rage and although I resisted it for a long time, I finally set my film camera aside for a digital point and shoot (insert tears…because it was so sad!).  When my daughter was born, I finally convinced my hubby to invest in a DSLR.  And so my love affair with photography began again.  

From September to June I am primarily an elementary educator in the Evergreen School District.  I am a classroom teacher and I work for my district as a GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design) coach, providing training and coaching to teachers around strategies to support students who's primary language is something other than English.  I love my job!

Although the majority of my photography business takes place during the summer, I accept a few clients during the school year as well.  However, I have committed to keeping my faith and my family more centered in my life, not allowing work to take over everything.  As any working parent knows, the work/family balance can be a challenging one but I am working hard to enjoy the years I have with my girls at home.

My husband is a worship leader at New Heights church and I love joining him in leading worship once a month as well.  

I look forward to an opportunity to get to know you and your family as well!