Sophia Rose Photography | FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions | Newborns

Where? ​I photograph you and your newborn and any siblings right in your home.  

How should we prepare our home? Mom just had a baby.  So mom should not be preparing anything!  So dad, that means you get to help the family get ready for our time together.  Think about where you might want to have the family photographed.  I will look for the space with the best light but I also love to capture your little in his or her nursery, if you have one.  Limiting distractions is helpful.  I usually encourage people to do a basic clean up of the space.  I can help with this when I arrive also.  I also ask that you warm your home so that your little one will be perfectly comfortable and sleepy without clothes on.  Usually that means the grown-ups are sweating!

Do we need to dress up? ​If dressing up is part of your natural style, then sure, go for it.  Your newborn session should capture you and your family in a relaxed, natural way, that highlights your love for each other.  Dress in a way that allows you to be comfortable but that you'd also be okay with hanging on your wall.  I find that light, neutral colors allow the focus to be on baby and the connection rather than clothing. Some specific ideas: New moms look lovely in long flowy skirts and a light colored tank top allows for skin to skin contact during our session.  Dads always look great in jeans and a light colored t-shirt!

How long does a session last? For newborn sessions, I always set aside 3 hours.  Be prepared for it to take the full three hours if you would like sleepy baby images. On average, lifestyle sessions tend to take closer to 1.5 hours because babies are more comfortable and happy in the arms of their family.

How will we spend our time? ​We will usually start with the whole family and move down to images with just mom and baby or dad and baby.  I typically save the portraits of baby alone for the end of our session in order to give them time to get good and sleepy.

What if my baby never settles into a deep sleep?  ​One reason I love, "lifestyle," newborn sessions is because even if baby is wide awake, we can still capture beautiful images that you will treasure.  My absolute favorite images of my two daughters are the ones that reveal connection and love. 

What if my baby makes a mess? ​It happens all the time! I have two sweet children of my ownI know all about messes!


Frequently Asked Questions | Weddings

What is included in my wedding package? My standard wedding package includes up to 10 hours of photography, a beautiful 12x12 album, and the edited digital images. I also offer a complimentary engagement session.  When I am able, I will bring a second photographer with me.  

Can we have all the unedited images? Remember, you hired a professional wedding photographer for a reason.  Hopefully because you trust them and like their style.  So the simple answer to your question is, no.  Trust me to choose and edit the images that you will treasure for a lifetime.  

Can we get a different price by taking out all the "extras" in the wedding package? The album is an essential part of the wedding package.  Digital formats change quickly.  Your digital images will not last forever.  You are not going to open up your computer and look through your digital images in 10 years.  But you will pull out that wedding album and reminisce.  In fact, my daughter loves to pull out ours every once in a while to look at her young mommy and daddy.  

Will we get both black and white and color images? ​Yes.  I don't make decisions about how many of each type you will get ahead of time.  If I edit a portrait in black and white, I almost always keep a color option as well.  For ceremony, reception and getting ready images, I decide whether the image will look best in black and white or color and only deliver either color or black and white.  If you find portraits that you would love to have in black and white that I did not include, I am willing to convert a few additional images at no cost.

Why should we do an engagement session? This gives us time to get to know each other better and allows you to relax in front of my camera before your big day.  It will also give you images for your home, a guest book or, "Save the Date," cards.

Will we get full-resolution files and what about printing and sharing rights? Yes. You will be able to print your images wherever you choose and yes, it's fine to share your digital files with your family members.  I do not, however, guarantee the quality or color of your images unless they are ordered through my preferred professional printer.  10x10 or 8x8 parent albums make great additions to your wedding package.  If you choose to share your images online, I simply ask that you give credit to Sophia Rose Photography.