Sophia Rose Photography | Nathan and Tyra | Southern Indiana Wedding

Nathan and Tyra | Southern Indiana Wedding

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I was happy to be able to preserve the memories of this special day for my cousin Tyra and her new hubby, Nathan! We were very lucky that the heat decided to settle down a bit and give us a beautiful day.  This Northwest girl is definitely not used to the Southern Indiana heat and humidity! We started our morning at Jagged Edge Hair Studio where the ladies were pampered with mimosas, bagels and lovely hair and make-up. Tyra wore a beautiful cream colored dress with simple details from Magic Moments in Evansville, IN. It was timeless and elegant. Her veil was made by her mom, Terri.  It had beautiful little flowers in it. 

We all braved the midday sun for portraits at the Schaeffer Barn. I may have jumped out of my skin as a rabbit ran past my feet while I was checking out the area! :-p Then it was off to the church! Tyra and Nathan were married at Redemption Christian Church in Jasper, Indiana. Family and friends gathered at Huntingburg Old Town Hall to celebrate with a delicious fajita bar from Agavas Mexican Grill, cupcakes, margaritas and dancing!

Congrats Nathan and Tyra! Thanks for allowing me to be part of your day! 



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