Sophia Rose Photography | 1st Birthday Lifestyle Family | Portland, OR Photographer

1st Birthday Lifestyle Family | Portland, OR Photographer

July 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Krish-47Krish-47 Krish-46Krish-46 Krish-45Krish-45 Krish-44Krish-44 Krish-43Krish-43 Krish-42Krish-42

Krish-41Krish-41 Krish-34Krish-34 Krish-35Krish-35 Krish-36Krish-36 Krish-37Krish-37 Krish-38Krish-38 Krish-39Krish-39 Krish-40Krish-40

Krish-12Krish-12 Krish-13Krish-13 Krish-14Krish-14 Krish-16Krish-16 Krish-17Krish-17 Krish-18Krish-18 Krish-19Krish-19 Krish-21Krish-21 Krish-22Krish-22 Krish-23Krish-23 Krish-26Krish-26 Krish-24Krish-24 Krish-25Krish-25 Krish-27Krish-27 Krish-28Krish-28 Krish-29Krish-29 Krish-30Krish-30 Krish-31Krish-31

Krish-4Krish-4 Krish-10Krish-10 Krish-9Krish-9 Krish-8Krish-8 Krish-7Krish-7


It was great to catch up with Nathan and Krish and their sweet little guys! I have been photographing their family off and on since big brother was born and he's already 3 years old! They are both getting so big and are just adorable.  :-)


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