Sophia Rose Photography | Christian and McKayla | Ecotrust Wedding | Portland, OR Wedding Photographer

Christian and McKayla | Ecotrust Wedding | Portland, OR Wedding Photographer

June 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


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Christian and McKayla celebrated their love with a Alice in Wonderland tea party themed wedding at the Ecotrust building in Portland, OR this May. McKayla and her friends enjoyed getting ready at The Society Hotel and after the ceremony everyone enjoyed the incredible food of Elephants Deli (I seriously have to go eat their soup again sometime soon!). And the cupcakes from Toadstool Cupcakes were really like none I've ever had before. I might just have to hunt them down the next time I make a trip into Portland! Anyway, enough drooling over food. Congrats Christian and McKayla! I wish you lots and lots of happiness! 


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