Sophia Rose Photography | Baby E | Hillsboro, OR | Newborn Photographer

Baby E | Hillsboro, OR | Newborn Photographer

May 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It was great to get back to Hillsboro to visit with this sweet family again. Big brother has really grown since our last time together! And little brother made the most hilarious faces.  Congrats Abel and Sarah. Your boys are so sweet! 

Ervitt-76Ervitt-76 Ervitt-77Ervitt-77 Ervitt-75Ervitt-75 Ervitt-71Ervitt-71 Ervitt-69Ervitt-69 Ervitt-68Ervitt-68 Ervitt-67Ervitt-67 Ervitt-66Ervitt-66 Ervitt-65Ervitt-65 Ervitt-63Ervitt-63 Ervitt-61Ervitt-61 Ervitt-60Ervitt-60 Ervitt-58Ervitt-58 Ervitt-56Ervitt-56 Ervitt-55Ervitt-55 Ervitt-54Ervitt-54 Ervitt-52Ervitt-52 Ervitt-51Ervitt-51 Ervitt-50Ervitt-50 Ervitt-49Ervitt-49 Ervitt-47Ervitt-47 Ervitt-43Ervitt-43 Ervitt-44Ervitt-44 Ervitt-42Ervitt-42 Ervitt-41Ervitt-41 Ervitt-40Ervitt-40 Ervitt-39Ervitt-39 Ervitt-35Ervitt-35 Ervitt-33Ervitt-33 Ervitt-32Ervitt-32 Ervitt-31Ervitt-31 Ervitt-28Ervitt-28 Ervitt-29Ervitt-29   Ervitt-22Ervitt-22 Ervitt-21Ervitt-21 Ervitt-19Ervitt-19 Ervitt-15Ervitt-15 Ervitt-11Ervitt-11 Ervitt-9Ervitt-9 Ervitt-8Ervitt-8


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