Sophia Rose Photography | Family Photos in Long Beach | Vancouver, WA Photographer

Family Photos in Long Beach | Vancouver, WA Photographer

February 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Visited Long Beach, CA last week for a bilingual conference and while I was there, caught up with an old friend from college.  We rushed around, chasing daylight, and captured a few photos to remember this life stage.  And how amazing is it that I was in a tank top and totally comfortable!! What a wonderful change from the wet and dreary northwest winter. 

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And later that eve I was able to roam around Long Beach a bit and capture some of the city.  I got a new Lensbaby Edge 50 for Christmas and hadn't really been able to use it much aside from desperately trying to chase my children around and photograph them with this manual focus lens...tricky!  So it was super fun to take it out and use it for something a little different.



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