Sophia Rose Photography | Cresence | Class of 2018 | Vancouver, WA Senior Photographer

Cresence | Class of 2018 | Vancouver, WA Senior Photographer

August 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

CresenceCresence Cresence-3Cresence-3 Cresence-5Cresence-5 Cresence-6Cresence-6 Cresence-8Cresence-8 Cresence-66Cresence-66 Cresence-12Cresence-12 Cresence-13Cresence-13 Cresence-14Cresence-14    Cresence-16Cresence-16 = Cresence-17Cresence-17 Cresence-69Cresence-69 Cresence-22Cresence-22 Cresence-29Cresence-29 Cresence-30Cresence-30 = Cresence-32Cresence-32 Cresence-35Cresence-35 Cresence-36Cresence-36 Cresence-37Cresence-37 Cresence-38Cresence-38 Cresence-39Cresence-39 Cresence-70Cresence-70 Cresence-41Cresence-41    LambLamb   Cresence-45Cresence-45      Cresence-49Cresence-49     Cresence-51Cresence-51 Cresence-52Cresence-52 Lamp-4Lamp-4 Cresence-53Cresence-53 Cresence-54Cresence-54 Lamp-3Lamp-3    Cresence-56Cresence-56    Cresence-57Cresence-57    Cresence-59Cresence-59 Cresence-60Cresence-60 Cresence-73Cresence-73 Cresence-61Cresence-61 Cresence-74Cresence-74   Cresence-63Cresence-63  I met Cresence's mom a couple years ago at a teacher training and then realized we actually go to church together.  I guess that's what happens when your church has like 11 services! I hope you have a great senior year, Cresence! Thanks for allowing me to capture this exciting time of life for you! 


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