Sophia Rose Photography | Baby Nolan | Vancouver, WA Newborn Photographer

Baby Nolan | Vancouver, WA Newborn Photographer

August 17, 2017  •  2 Comments


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After a busy week, I am happy to be catching up on some photos!  This year has been filled with families I have photographed since their first little one was born and now I'm so lucky to capture some moments with their 2nd born!  And, do you think these little brothers are related!  I mean, wow!  Twins, but two years a part! I bet Miller's going to be a great big brother.  Nolan is just as perfect as can be (although I'm sure his parents might argue with that in the middle of the night!). Wishing you all lots of fun with your little guy AND a good night sleep, at least every once in a while. ;-) 


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