Sophia Rose Photography | Baby Alice 6 months | Sophia Rose Photography | Portland, OR Family Photographer

Baby Alice 6 months | Sophia Rose Photography | Portland, OR Family Photographer

May 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

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Please forgive the overshare, but how do you choose favorites when there's all this cuteness going on?  I'm so incredibly thankful for my clients who invite me back time and time again to capture their growing family.  Caught up with this Portland family a few weekends ago.  Little Alice is getting so big and I can't even believe how much she looks like her big brother! What a couple of cuties.  Jack is 2 and very two.  Love catching up with other moms in this life stage.  I think God gives us two year olds to to humble us and teach us we really don't know it all! ;-) Actually, maybe that's just kids in general. 

It won't be long until they are saying goodbye to their first baby so we took a quick photo at the end of our session.  Made me realize we need to be more intentional about capturing photos of our girls and my first baby, Bella Mia.  Our fur babies are such an important part of our lives.  I can't imagine how hard saying goodbye will be.  


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