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Ruth Family | Vancouver, WA Maternity Photographer

September 19, 2016  •  1 Comment

I think photographing mommas might be one of my favorite things.  They're beautiful in ways they don't even realize.  And I really love connecting about motherhood.  There's something comforting about swapping stories and realizing you aren't alone in this crazy world of mothering. From daddy's girls to unreasonable toddlers, there's hope knowing it's not just you. And maybe it really is just a stage! And maybe you actually aren't the worst mother in the world! Moms, you know what I'm talking about. Sharing, being open, being real about our just might be the best thing for us!! I definitely don't spend enough time with other women in my life stage but when I do, I really love it.  

And oh good grief, how insanely adorable are their girls??

So, Lorinda, thanks for the laughs!!  And congrats to your family as you add a new little person to the mix! :-)

  Ruth-3Ruth-3 Ruth-5Ruth-5 Ruth-9Ruth-9 Ruth-10Ruth-10 Ruth-12Ruth-12 Ruth-13Ruth-13 Ruth-18Ruth-18 Ruth-20Ruth-20 Ruth-21Ruth-21 Ruth-22Ruth-22 Ruth-23Ruth-23 Ruth-24Ruth-24 Ruth-27Ruth-27 Ruth-25Ruth-25 Ruth-29Ruth-29 Ruth-30Ruth-30 Ruth-31Ruth-31 Ruth-32Ruth-32 Ruth-36Ruth-36 Ruth-34Ruth-34 Ruth-35Ruth-35 Ruth-39Ruth-39 Ruth-42Ruth-42 Ruth-43Ruth-43 Ruth-46Ruth-46 Ruth-48Ruth-48 Ruth-50Ruth-50 Ruth-52Ruth-52 Ruth-53Ruth-53 Ruth-56Ruth-56 Ruth-57Ruth-57 Ruth-58Ruth-58 Ruth-59Ruth-59 Ruth-62Ruth-62 Ruth-60Ruth-60 Ruth-63Ruth-63 Ruth-64Ruth-64    Ruth-66Ruth-66 Ruth-69Ruth-69


Wowzers! Amazing pictures! You are as beautiful as ever! And those girls...
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