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Austin and Morgan | Albany OR Wedding | Oregon Wedding Photographer

September 17, 2016  •  2 Comments

I love intimate, backyard weddings.  They are filled with personal touches. From her father's tie, sewed into the dress and unique centerpieces owned by loved ones, Austin and Morgan's wedding was filled with beautiful signs of the people they love. Congrats Austin and Morgan! Thank you for trusting me to capture these precious memories!!

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Lisa Angeley(non-registered)
These are absolutely beautiful, April!! I'm smiling out loud! Thank you so much for all of your thought and attention to detail in each of these treasured family moments.
Tallulah Anderson(non-registered)
Awwww, Malachi made the pictures on the blog.... Congrats Austin and Morgan. It was such a beautiful wedding and threat pictures are fantabulous. I love you guys
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