Sophia Rose Photography | Lori and Rachelle | Retirement Celebration | Vancouver, WA Photographer

Lori and Rachelle | Retirement Celebration | Vancouver, WA Photographer

June 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This has been a week of celebration! This is one of those, "I'm so happy for you and so sad for me all at the same time," kind of celebrations.  The teaching profession is losing two amazing teachers this year.  It takes it's toll...our profession.  Many don't last more than 5 years.  But these gals have been impacting the lives of kids for a long time.  I'm sure there are countless stories of lives touched by their kindness and their skill as educators.  I have had the amazing pleasure of working with them in my 6 years of teaching and learning from them.  They are givers. Rachelle has lifted our spirits her amazing cooking and coordinating many celebrations for us (you should talk to her about her new catering business, Herb-N-Table!).  I was lucky to be on a team with Lori for several years.  She is amazing at seeing what others need and stepping up to help, even when she had her own things to do.  And she's a kick-ass reading teacher. For real. 

So, here's to these awesome ladies.  Enjoy your rest've earned it!!  


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