Sophia Rose Photography | Frenchmans Bar Family Session | Vancouver, WA Photographer

Frenchmans Bar Family Session | Vancouver, WA Photographer

June 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I don't often blog family sessions because they aren't really the focus of my business, but there were some sweet little moments and stories as part of this session that I decided to share.  Plus, getting this many family members together in the same place, at the same time...that's no easy feat!!  So it deserves to be celebrated!  ;-)  Thanks for thinking of me to capture these images, Amy!  

Ruths-39Ruths-39 Ruths-40Ruths-40

Ruths-24Ruths-24 Ruths-21Ruths-21 Ruths-22Ruths-22 Ruths-23Ruths-23 Ruths-19Ruths-19 Ruths-18Ruths-18 Ruths-20Ruths-20 Ruths-30Ruths-30 Ruths-16Ruths-16 Ruths-2Ruths-2 RuthsRuths Ruths-10Ruths-10 Ruths-36Ruths-36 Ruths-12Ruths-12 Ruths-38Ruths-38     Ruths-28Ruths-28 Ruths-5Ruths-5 Ruths-42Ruths-42 Ruths-43Ruths-43   Ruths-3Ruths-3 Ruths-44Ruths-44 Ruths-45Ruths-45 Ruths-48Ruths-48 Ruths-49Ruths-49

Ruths-47Ruths-47 Ruths-55Ruths-55 Ruths-50Ruths-50 Ruths-51Ruths-51 Ruths-52Ruths-52 Ruths-54Ruths-54 Ruths-53Ruths-53 Ruths-41Ruths-41 Ruths-29Ruths-29 Ruths-26Ruths-26



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