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Family Fun | Vancouver, WA Family Photographer

November 02, 2016  •  1 Comment

My kind of family photos.  The kids got to pick out an activity they wanted to do with the family and then I hung out and took pictures while they played.  I love these.  Really.  I love how they show each of these little people's personalities.  And I love how they show the relationships present in this family.  And yea, we got a couple Christmas card photos, too. ;-)

Edmonds-5Edmonds-5 Edmonds-6Edmonds-6 Edmonds-16Edmonds-16 Edmonds-7Edmonds-7 Edmonds-8Edmonds-8 Edmonds-9Edmonds-9 Edmonds-10Edmonds-10 Edmonds-11Edmonds-11 Edmonds-12Edmonds-12 Edmonds-13Edmonds-13 Edmonds-14Edmonds-14 Edmonds-15Edmonds-15 Edmonds-17Edmonds-17 Edmonds-18Edmonds-18 Edmonds-2Edmonds-2 Edmonds-19Edmonds-19 Edmonds-20Edmonds-20 Edmonds-21Edmonds-21 Edmonds-22Edmonds-22 Edmonds-23Edmonds-23 Edmonds-25Edmonds-25 Edmonds-26Edmonds-26 Edmonds-27Edmonds-27 Edmonds-28Edmonds-28 Edmonds-29Edmonds-29 Edmonds-30Edmonds-30 Edmonds-32Edmonds-32 Edmonds-33Edmonds-33 Edmonds-34Edmonds-34 Edmonds-35Edmonds-35 Edmonds-40Edmonds-40 Edmonds-36Edmonds-36 Edmonds-37Edmonds-37 Edmonds-39Edmonds-39 Edmonds-41Edmonds-41 Edmonds-42Edmonds-42 Edmonds-43Edmonds-43 Edmonds-44Edmonds-44 Edmonds-45Edmonds-45 Edmonds-46Edmonds-46 Edmonds-47Edmonds-47 Edmonds-48Edmonds-48 Edmonds-38Edmonds-38 Edmonds-50Edmonds-50 Edmonds-49Edmonds-49 Edmonds-51Edmonds-51 Edmonds-52Edmonds-52 Edmonds-53Edmonds-53


I absolutely love how you captured the life & personalities of each of our kids. Well done, April! Thanks for the fun photoshoot and the great photos!
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