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Baby Alice | Portland, OR Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

November 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Having a second child seemed like it should be easier than the first. We'd been there before.  Done this.  Got that. So imagine my surprise when I got home from the hospital and sat down on the couch and started to cry.  Not just a little crying.  Seriously crying.  My 6 year old wanted me.  My dog wanted me.  My baby needed me.  I was exhausted and in pain.  And I suddenly realized, it was just too much. 

Ok, maybe pregnancy hormones played a teensy role in my sudden panic. And some of you with 3 and 4 and more kids are probably thinking, "Seriously, two kids and you're freaking out?" But you have to realize, I never even wanted one. But then I did.  And she was (is) amazing.  And I really never wanted a 2nd.  And then I did.  And she was (is) perfectly lovely. 

The roller coaster of motherhood.  The ups and the downs. It's all worth it they say.  And actually it is. It's so completely worth it. 

I met big brother Jack (then teeny tiny newborn Jack) and his family in Portland, several months after my 2nd was born. And I captured him standing up in his crib for the first time when he was 6 months old.  And I celebrated his first birthday with him.  And now I return, a year later, welcoming his new, beautiful, baby sister to the family.  And her family adores her.  Truly.  I hope when Alice looks back at these photos she will see that she was loved from the very beginning. 

Alice-13Alice-13     Alice-16Alice-16    AliceAlice   Alice-20Alice-20 Alice-21Alice-21 Alice-23Alice-23 Alice-24Alice-24 Alice-32Alice-32 Alice-26Alice-26 Alice-25Alice-25 Alice-3Alice-3 Alice-27Alice-27     Alice-31Alice-31 Alice-33Alice-33 Alice-34Alice-34 Alice-36Alice-36 Alice-37Alice-37    Alice-40Alice-40 Alice-42Alice-42 Alice-44Alice-44 Alice-43Alice-43 Alice-47Alice-47 Alice-48Alice-48    Alice-52Alice-52 Alice-51Alice-51    Alice-46Alice-46 Alice-53Alice-53 Alice-54Alice-54 Alice-55Alice-55 Alice-59Alice-59 Alice-57Alice-57 Alice-56Alice-56 Alice-60Alice-60 Alice-6Alice-6    Alice-67Alice-67 Alice-62Alice-62 Alice-64Alice-64 Alice-63Alice-63 Alice-70Alice-70    Alice-71Alice-71 Alice-72Alice-72   Alice-77Alice-77 Alice-79Alice-79    Alice-81Alice-81 Alice-82Alice-82 Alice-85Alice-85 Alice-84Alice-84 Alice-86Alice-86 Alice-88Alice-88 Alice-91Alice-91 Alice-90Alice-90

Alice-8Alice-8 Alice-74Alice-74 Alice-9Alice-9      



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