Jeremy and Tanya | Homestead Tavern | Washougal, WA Wedding Photographer

June 01, 2016  •  1 Comment

Jeremy and Tanya were married on a beautiful day in April at the Homestead Tavern in Washougal, WA.  Let me just say that I looked all over the internet for pictures of this place before the wedding and I found pretty much nothing! It's tucked back in a quiet spot that you'd probably never find just out wandering around.  It's a fun spot for a relaxed wedding! Actually the whole time all I could do was think of my favorite movie, Sweet Home Alabama, and the wedding in the bar there.  Great vibe.

Jeremy and Tanya are actually from Alaska and got married here because of local family and friends.  So Tanya and I first met as I walked into her getting ready room filled with her closest people.  And much to my surprise, I actually work with her dad!  Tiny little, beautiful world.

Congrats Jeremy and Tanya and thank you for the awesome honor of helping you hold onto the memories of this beautiful day!

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Sophia, thank you so very much for capturing the love my beautiful niece and her new husband have for one another. These pictures are just wonderful!
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