Eva and Ethan | Fresh 48 | Vancouver, WA Newborn Photographer

June 11, 2016  •  3 Comments

Stopped by the hospital this week to see my friend and meet her two beautiful newborn twins. Eva and Ethan are perfect. Like beautiful, sweet, teeny, perfect little newborn babies. Wishing mom and dad rest as they begin adjusting to life with twins!

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Fredda Ernest (Pat's sister)(non-registered)
Great job Darren!!!1 And Darren's wife! You have two bundles of love and joy!!
Janet Shaw(non-registered)
Beautiful twins and great photos! Thanks for sharing! Our family keeps growing! Love to mom & dad and the babies!!! Oxox. Aunt Janet & Uncle Steve
Grandma Patty and Grandpa John Englert(non-registered)
So touching to our hearts...beautiful little family..precious grandbabies..cannot wait to hold them..we are all soo blessed! Thank you
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