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JakeAshley-12JakeAshley-12 JakeAshley-38JakeAshley-38 JakeAshley-37JakeAshley-37 JakeAshley-36JakeAshley-36 JakeAshley-34JakeAshley-34 JakeAshley-11JakeAshley-11 JakeAshley-33JakeAshley-33 JakeAshley-32JakeAshley-32 JakeAshley-31JakeAshley-31 JakeAshley-29JakeAshley-29 JakeAshley-28JakeAshley-28 JakeAshley-8JakeAshley-8 JakeAshley-27JakeAshley-27 JakeAshley-26JakeAshley-26 JakeAshley-24JakeAshley-24 JakeAshley-22JakeAshley-22 JakeAshley-21JakeAshley-21 JakeAshley-20JakeAshley-20 JakeAshley-19JakeAshley-19 JakeAshley-18JakeAshley-18 JakeAshley-17JakeAshley-17 JakeAshley-16JakeAshley-16 JakeAshley-15JakeAshley-15

JakeAshley-4JakeAshley-4 JakeAshley-14JakeAshley-14 JakeAshley-43JakeAshley-43 JakeAshley-41JakeAshley-41

I'm pretty excited for these guys wedding this September! And I'm pretty sure I need to come back to this beautiful location in the Columbia River Gorge very soon.  Perhaps when it's slightly warmer! ;-)  Congrats on your engagement Jake and Ashley! Always a pleasure photographing your beautiful family. 

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Peninsula Park Maternity Photos | Portland, OR Photographer Perry-11Perry-11 Perry-27Perry-27 Perry-26Perry-26 Perry-10Perry-10   Perry-22Perry-22 Perry-24Perry-24 Perry-21Perry-21 Perry-7Perry-7   Perry-17Perry-17 Perry-16Perry-16 Perry-15Perry-15 Perry-5Perry-5 Perry-4Perry-4 Perry-3Perry-3 Perry-12Perry-12 Perry-2Perry-2

Charissa and I taught together for a couple years before she and Scott were married and moved away.  So fun to catch up again and photograph this next stage of their lives.  And isn't she a beautiful mamma?

Is it bad to comment on the weather ALL the time??  Because seriously, March in the Northwest...we couldn't have asked for a more perfect evening. Can't wait to meet sweet little April very soon!  

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Lewis River Golf Course Wedding | Vancouver, WA Wedding Photographer TM-127TM-127 TMTM

TM-14TM-14 TM-13TM-13 TM-23TM-23 TM-20TM-20 TM-17TM-17 TM-16TM-16 TM-15TM-15 TM-14TM-14

TM-19TM-19 TM-21TM-21

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TM-30TM-30 TM-31TM-31

TM-46TM-46 TM-44TM-44 TM-42TM-42 TM-39TM-39

TM-47TM-47 TM-51TM-51 TM-50TM-50 TM-48TM-48


TM-57TM-57 TM-58TM-58 TM-61TM-61 TM-62TM-62

TM-65TM-65 TM-63TM-63 TM-66TM-66

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TM-82TM-82 TM-105TM-105 TM-102TM-102 TM-101TM-101 TM-98TM-98 TM-96TM-96 TM-93TM-93 TM-5TM-5 TM-90TM-90 TM-86TM-86 TM-8TM-8

TM-109TM-109 TM-112TM-112 TM-113TM-113

TM-116TM-116 TM-115TM-115

TM-119TM-119 TM-122TM-122 TM-120TM-120 TM-121TM-121

TM-126TM-126 TM-125TM-125 TM-124TM-124 TM-123TM-123

I met Michelle when I did her senior photos a few years ago.  It was an honor to be here with her and Trey on this special day at the beautiful Lewis River Golf Course. We were expecting snow and rain but ended up with sunshine! Congrats Trey and Michelle! Thank you for allowing me to capture this day for you. 

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Josh and Heidi | Maternity Photos | Vancouver, WA Photographer Cobun-44Cobun-44 Cobun-42Cobun-42 Cobun-43Cobun-43 Cobun-40Cobun-40 Cobun-38Cobun-38 Cobun-36Cobun-36   Cobun-35Cobun-35 Cobun-32Cobun-32 Cobun-30Cobun-30 Cobun-29Cobun-29 Cobun-28Cobun-28 Cobun-26Cobun-26 Cobun-25Cobun-25 Cobun-24Cobun-24 Cobun-22Cobun-22   Cobun-21Cobun-21 Cobun-20Cobun-20 Cobun-19Cobun-19 Cobun-18Cobun-18 Cobun-17Cobun-17 Cobun-16Cobun-16 Cobun-13Cobun-13 Cobun-2Cobun-2 Cobun-12Cobun-12 Cobun-11Cobun-11 Cobun-10Cobun-10 Cobun-9Cobun-9 Cobun-8Cobun-8 Cobun-6Cobun-6 Cobun-5Cobun-5 Cobun-4Cobun-4 Cobun-3Cobun-3

Isn't Heidi an absolutely beautiful momma to be?

Congrats  Josh and Heidi! Thanks for a fun evening together and I can't wait to meet your little one!

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Baby Aria | Vancouver, WA Newborn Photos | Sophia Rose Photography Snell-77Snell-77 Snell-75Snell-75 Snell-73Snell-73 Snell-70Snell-70   Snell-68Snell-68 Snell-65Snell-65 Snell-64Snell-64 Snell-62Snell-62 Snell-61Snell-61 Snell-60Snell-60 Snell-51Snell-51 Snell-59Snell-59 Snell-3Snell-3 Snell-2Snell-2 Snell-56Snell-56 Snell-55Snell-55 Snell-54Snell-54 Snell-53Snell-53 Snell-50Snell-50 Snell-49Snell-49 Snell-48Snell-48 Snell-44Snell-44 Snell-43Snell-43 Snell-42Snell-42 Snell-41Snell-41 Snell-39Snell-39 Snell-38Snell-38    Snell-35Snell-35 Snell-34Snell-34 Snell-32Snell-32 Snell-31Snell-31 Snell-26Snell-26 Snell-29Snell-29 Snell-28Snell-28 Snell-24Snell-24 Snell-23Snell-23 Snell-21Snell-21 Snell-20Snell-20   Snell-16Snell-16 Snell-18Snell-18 Snell-14Snell-14 Snell-13Snell-13 Snell-11Snell-11 Snell-81Snell-81 Snell-7Snell-7 Snell-79Snell-79 Snell-80Snell-80

The last time I was in Jonathan and Hilary's home was on their wedding day.  Their in-home, intimate wedding was certainly a favorite.  When Hilary texted to say she was pregnant, I was thrilled for the opportunity to connect again and celebrate another intimate moment in their lives. Little Aria is beautiful, sweet and cuddly.  Congrats Jonathan and Hilary, she is just perfect! And thank you so much for trusting me to capture these precious moments. <3

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Family Photos in Long Beach | Vancouver, WA Photographer Visited Long Beach, CA last week for a bilingual conference and while I was there, caught up with an old friend from college.  We rushed around, chasing daylight, and captured a few photos to remember this life stage.  And how amazing is it that I was in a tank top and totally comfortable!! What a wonderful change from the wet and dreary northwest winter. 

Suzy-2Suzy-2 Suzy-6Suzy-6 Suzy-5Suzy-5 Suzy-7Suzy-7 Suzy-9Suzy-9 Suzy-12Suzy-12 Suzy-13Suzy-13 Suzy-14Suzy-14 Suzy-15Suzy-15 Suzy-18Suzy-18   Suzy-19Suzy-19 Suzy-20Suzy-20 Suzy-21Suzy-21 Suzy-22Suzy-22 Suzy-23Suzy-23 Suzy-26Suzy-26 Suzy-28Suzy-28 Suzy-30Suzy-30 Suzy-32Suzy-32 Suzy-35Suzy-35 Suzy-38Suzy-38 Suzy-40Suzy-40 Suzy-41Suzy-41 Suzy-42Suzy-42 Suzy-44Suzy-44 Suzy-47Suzy-47 Suzy-46Suzy-46 Suzy-48Suzy-48 Suzy-49Suzy-49 Suzy-50Suzy-50 Suzy-51Suzy-51 Suzy-52Suzy-52 Suzy-53Suzy-53 Suzy-56Suzy-56 Suzy-57Suzy-57 Suzy-58Suzy-58 Suzy-59Suzy-59

And later that eve I was able to roam around Long Beach a bit and capture some of the city.  I got a new Lensbaby Edge 50 for Christmas and hadn't really been able to use it much aside from desperately trying to chase my children around and photograph them with this manual focus lens...tricky!  So it was super fun to take it out and use it for something a little different.



longbeach-9longbeach-9 longbeach-13longbeach-13 longbeach-3longbeach-3 longbeach-12longbeach-12 longbeach-14longbeach-14 longbeachlongbeach longbeach-2longbeach-2 longbeach-4longbeach-4 longbeach-5longbeach-5 longbeach-6longbeach-6

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Baby Boden | Vancouver, WA Newborn Photographer Williams-3Williams-3 Williams-2Williams-2 Williams-4Williams-4 Williams-5Williams-5 Williams-6Williams-6 Williams-7Williams-7 Williams-8Williams-8 Williams-10Williams-10 Williams-11Williams-11 Williams-12Williams-12 Williams-14Williams-14 Williams-15Williams-15 Williams-18Williams-18 Williams-20Williams-20 Williams-21Williams-21 Williams-22Williams-22 Williams-24Williams-24 Williams-26Williams-26 Williams-27Williams-27 Williams-28Williams-28 Williams-29Williams-29 Williams-30Williams-30 Williams-32Williams-32 Williams-33Williams-33

Williams-90Williams-90 Williams-35Williams-35 Williams-91Williams-91 Williams-37Williams-37 Williams-38Williams-38 Williams-39Williams-39 Williams-40Williams-40 Williams-41Williams-41 Williams-44Williams-44 Williams-43Williams-43 Williams-45Williams-45 Williams-46Williams-46 Williams-47Williams-47 Williams-48Williams-48 Williams-49Williams-49 Williams-50Williams-50 Williams-51Williams-51 Williams-52Williams-52 Williams-53Williams-53 Williams-54Williams-54 Williams-56Williams-56 Williams-57Williams-57 Williams-58Williams-58 Williams-59Williams-59 Williams-61Williams-61 Williams-63Williams-63 Williams-65Williams-65 Williams-67Williams-67 Williams-68Williams-68 Williams-60Williams-60 Williams-69Williams-69 Williams-70Williams-70 Williams-72Williams-72 Williams-73Williams-73 Williams-74Williams-74 Williams-75Williams-75 Williams-76Williams-76 Williams-77Williams-77 Williams-78Williams-78 Williams-79Williams-79 Williams-82Williams-82 Williams-84Williams-84   Williams-86Williams-86 Williams-87Williams-87 WilliamsWilliams

Williams-93Williams-93 Williams-88Williams-88 Williams-89Williams-89

Happy to share a few images of my beautiful friend Sara and her sweet family.  I enjoyed photographing big sister's newborn photos just a few years ago so I was honored when Sara got in touch and asked me to photograph sweet baby Bo.  I love capturing those tiny details and what fun it is to see a dad playing Barbies.  The best dads play Barbies with their little girls. Congrats you guys.  Bo is absolutely precious and little B has grown into such a fun little gal.  

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Families Together in the Fall | Vancouver, WA Family Photographer Brown-95Brown-95 Brown-94Brown-94 Brown-92Brown-92 Brown-90Brown-90 Brown-89Brown-89 Brown-88Brown-88 Brown-87Brown-87 Brown-96Brown-96 Brown-97Brown-97 Brown-86Brown-86 Brown-83Brown-83 Brown-81Brown-81 Brown-78Brown-78 Brown-77Brown-77 Brown-76Brown-76 Brown-74Brown-74 Brown-71Brown-71 Brown-66Brown-66 Brown-69Brown-69 Brown-64Brown-64 Brown-62Brown-62 Brown-59Brown-59 Brown-58Brown-58 Brown-56Brown-56 Brown-55Brown-55 Brown-54Brown-54 Brown-49Brown-49 Brown-46Brown-46 Brown-42Brown-42 Brown-39Brown-39 Brown-38Brown-38 Brown-37Brown-37 Brown-34Brown-34 Brown-30Brown-30 Brown-29Brown-29 Brown-28Brown-28 Brown-35Brown-35 Brown-26Brown-26 Brown-22Brown-22 Brown-21Brown-21 Brown-18Brown-18 Brown-17Brown-17 BrownBrown Brown-16Brown-16 Brown-15Brown-15 Brown-14Brown-14 Brown-12Brown-12 Brown-10Brown-10 Brown-7Brown-7 Brown-8Brown-8

Brown-9Brown-9 Brown-6Brown-6 Brown-5Brown-5 Brown-4Brown-4 Brown-3Brown-3

The last time I photographed these guys all together, it was 30 degrees out.  I'm not even exaggerating.  It was a surprise Christmas gift for their mom and dad. So, the wind and 40-50 something temps were chilly but quite an improvement! I know I say it all the time, but I do love capturing families year after year.  I met Sara our first year of teaching. Going through the first year together is like experiencing walking through trauma's a bit bonding, probably because no one but another teacher can even fathom what that's like. ;-)  I photographed Sara when she graduated with her Masters in Education.  And then her younger siblings.  Then it was the whole family, followed soon by Sara and Vern's engagement and wedding and not long after, Ashley's baby (still some of my favorite newborn photos).  Thanks for calling me yet again...and thanks for getting together in the Fall and not waiting till December!! Ha! 

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Fall Portland Wedding | Portland, OR Wedding Photographer Blog11Blog11 Blog8Blog8 Blog5Blog5 Blog2Blog2 Blog3Blog3 Blog4Blog4 Blog9Blog9 Blog10Blog10 Blog13Blog13 Blog16Blog16 Blog17Blog17 Blog18Blog18 Blog19Blog19 Blog20Blog20 Blog21Blog21 Blog22Blog22 Blog23Blog23 Blog24Blog24 Blog25Blog25 Blog26Blog26 Blog28Blog28 Blog29Blog29 Blog30Blog30 Martian-26Martian-26 Blog31Blog31 MartianMartian Martian-2Martian-2 Blog35Blog35 Blog36Blog36 Blog37Blog37 Blog38Blog38 Martian-5Martian-5 Blog40Blog40 Martian-6Martian-6 Blog42Blog42 Blog43Blog43 Martian-9Martian-9 Blog45Blog45 Blog46Blog46 Blog47Blog47 Martian-10Martian-10 Blog49Blog49 Blog52Blog52 Blog51Blog51 Blog53Blog53 Blog54Blog54 Blog55Blog55 Blog56Blog56 Blog57Blog57 Martian-28Martian-28 Blog59Blog59 Blog60Blog60 Blog61Blog61 Martian-12Martian-12 Blog62Blog62 Blog63Blog63 Blog64Blog64 Blog65Blog65 Blog67Blog67 Blog68Blog68 Blog69Blog69 Blog70Blog70 Blog723Blog723 Blog74Blog74 Blog66Blog66 Martian-15Martian-15 Blog76Blog76 Blog77Blog77 Blog78Blog78 Blog79Blog79 Blog81Blog81 Blog82Blog82 Blog83Blog83

Blog89Blog89 Blog88Blog88 Blog87Blog87 Blog84Blog84 Martian-16Martian-16 Blog86Blog86

I must admit, I watch the weather with some obsession when I have Fall weddings. Fall in Portland means rain, rain, rain.  In fact, just over the river, it was pouring while we enjoyed a dry day! Stephanie and Justen were a pleasure to work with.  They were surrounded by friends and family who clearly adore them.  It was a packed house! And oh how I love bubble exits.  No fear of having my hair set on fire and they  just photograph beautifully.  If you didn't catch the little boy's face during the kiss, go look again.  Cracked me up! 

Congrats Justen and Stephanie! I'm so happy for you both and wish a happy marriage!

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Family Fun in the Fall | Vancouver, WA Family Photographer I moved around a lot when I was little.  A lot.  Most of my memories of growing up are really fuzzy.  BUT I have one memory of Fall.  I believe it was our house at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.  Which seems odd because I feel like big trees don't make sense in a desert area, so perhaps my memory deceives me but I remember a big tree in the front yard with lots and lots of leaves falling in Autumn.  I would rake those leaves but not in a big pile for jumping.  I liked raking pathways around the yard and then running around the paths. 

Our yard here in Vancouver mostly has evergreen trees so the girls don't get to experience those pathways of leaves but these little gals had a great time playing in a small pile of leaves around the tree during our session.  Reminds me that I need to get my own girls away from the house and find some leaves for a little fall family fun!  

Edwards-88Edwards-88 Edwards-87Edwards-87 Edwards-86Edwards-86 Edwards-85Edwards-85 Edwards-84Edwards-84 Edwards-82Edwards-82 Edwards-81Edwards-81 Edwards-79Edwards-79 Edwards-78Edwards-78 Edwards-77Edwards-77 Edwards-73Edwards-73 Edwards-71Edwards-71 Edwards-69Edwards-69 Edwards-70Edwards-70 Edwards-68Edwards-68 Edwards-66Edwards-66 Edwards-67Edwards-67 Edwards-14Edwards-14 Edwards-64Edwards-64 Edwards-63Edwards-63 Edwards-13Edwards-13 Edwards-62Edwards-62 Edwards-12Edwards-12 Edwards-60Edwards-60 Edwards-10Edwards-10 Edwards-58Edwards-58 Edwards-57Edwards-57 Edwards-56Edwards-56 Edwards-54Edwards-54 Edwards-53Edwards-53 Edwards-52Edwards-52 Edwards-48Edwards-48 Edwards-49Edwards-49 Edwards-46Edwards-46 Edwards-9Edwards-9 Edwards-51Edwards-51 Edwards-8Edwards-8 Edwards-47Edwards-47 Edwards-44Edwards-44 Edwards-43Edwards-43 Edwards-42Edwards-42 Edwards-41Edwards-41 Edwards-40Edwards-40    Edwards-38Edwards-38 Edwards-4Edwards-4 Edwards-5Edwards-5 Edwards-34Edwards-34 Edwards-33Edwards-33 Edwards-32Edwards-32 Edwards-31Edwards-31 Edwards-30Edwards-30 Edwards-29Edwards-29 EdwardsEdwards Edwards-26Edwards-26 Edwards-25Edwards-25 Edwards-22Edwards-22 Edwards-20Edwards-20 Edwards-19Edwards-19 Edwards-18Edwards-18

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Early Morning 1st Birthday | Portland, OR Photographer Turner-95Turner-95 Turner-94Turner-94 Turner-93Turner-93 Turner-16Turner-16 Turner-92Turner-92 Turner-91Turner-91 Turner-15Turner-15 Turner-14Turner-14 Turner-87Turner-87 Turner-86Turner-86 Turner-82Turner-82 Turner-81Turner-81 Turner-79Turner-79 Turner-77Turner-77 Turner-76Turner-76 Turner-75Turner-75 Turner-12Turner-12 Turner-72Turner-72 Turner-71Turner-71 Turner-70Turner-70 Turner-68Turner-68 Turner-67Turner-67 Turner-66Turner-66 Turner-65Turner-65 Turner-64Turner-64 Turner-63Turner-63 Turner-61Turner-61    Turner-59Turner-59 Turner-58Turner-58 Turner-4Turner-4 Turner-2Turner-2 Turner-56Turner-56 TurnerTurner Turner-54Turner-54 Turner-37Turner-37 Turner-53Turner-53 Turner-36Turner-36 Turner-51Turner-51 Turner-50Turner-50 Turner-48Turner-48 Turner-47Turner-47 Turner-46Turner-46 Turner-45Turner-45 Turner-33Turner-33 Turner-42Turner-42 Turner-41Turner-41 Turner-32Turner-32 Turner-31Turner-31 Turner-30Turner-30 Turner-39Turner-39 Turner-9Turner-9 Turner-26Turner-26 Turner-25Turner-25 Turner-23Turner-23 Turner-20Turner-20 Turner-6Turner-6 Turner-18Turner-18 Turner-17Turner-17

Spent an early morning enjoying time around Portland with sweet Alice and her family. How has it been a year since she was a newborn? While thick fog settled over the river, just a few miles away, we enjoyed a chilly yet beautifully sunny morning at the park. Happy 1st birthday Alice and happy 3rd birthday Jack!  I always enjoy our visits.  And as usual, I can't narrow my choices and share too many. :-)

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Fall Backyard Wedding | Arthur, Indiana faull-18faull-18 faull-4faull-4 faull-7faull-7 faull-12faull-12 faull-17faull-17 faull-20faull-20    faull-13faull-13 faull-10faull-10 faull-8faull-8

  faull-19faull-19 faull-22faull-22 faull-28faull-28 faull-27faull-27

faull-25faull-25 faull-26faull-26

faull-44faull-44 faull-45faull-45 faull-48faull-48 faull-47faull-47 faull-46faull-46 faull-29faull-29 faull-35faull-35 faull-34faull-34 faull-33faull-33 faull-32faull-32 faull-30faull-30 faull-37faull-37 faull-41faull-41 faull-40faull-40 faull-38faull-38 faull-43faull-43

faull-50faull-50 faull-53faull-53


faull-136faull-136 faull-134faull-134 faull-133faull-133 faull-132faull-132 faull-129faull-129 faull-127faull-127

faull-123faull-123 faull-124faull-124 faull-122faull-122 faull-119faull-119 faull-116faull-116 faull-115faull-115 faull-114faull-114 faull-113faull-113 faull-24faull-24 faull-111faull-111 faull-109faull-109 faull-107faull-107 faull-106faull-106 faull-105faull-105 faull-103faull-103 faull-100faull-100 faull-98faull-98 faull-97faull-97 faull-95faull-95 faull-94faull-94 faull-92faull-92 Faull-14Faull-14 faull-91faull-91 faull-89faull-89 faull-88faull-88 faull-87faull-87 faull-84faull-84 faull-83faull-83 faull-82faull-82 faull-81faull-81 faull-79faull-79 faull-78faull-78 faull-76faull-76 faull-72faull-72 Faull-7Faull-7 faull-71faull-71 faull-69faull-69 faull-67faull-67 faull-66faull-66 faull-65faull-65 faull-64faull-64 faull-62faull-62 faull-58faull-58

faull-164faull-164 faull-163faull-163    faull-160faull-160 faull-162faull-162 faull-159faull-159 faull-158faull-158 faull-157faull-157   faull-154faull-154 faull-152faull-152 faull-150faull-150 faull-147faull-147 faull-146faull-146 faull-144faull-144 faull-143faull-143 faull-141faull-141 faull-139faull-139

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faull-170faull-170 faull-175faull-175 faull-176faull-176 faull-174faull-174 faull-173faull-173 faull-171faull-171




faull-180faull-180 faull-181faull-181

faull-183faull-183 faull-203faull-203 faull-200faull-200 faull-199faull-199 faull-198faull-198


faull-202faull-202 faull-197faull-197 faull-196faull-196 faull-195faull-195 faull-194faull-194 faull-190faull-190 faull-189faull-189 faull-187faull-187

faull-212faull-212 faull-211faull-211 faull-210faull-210 faull-206faull-206

I had the privilege of photographing my cousin and her hubby's marriage celebration at the end of September.  It was an absolutely perfect weekend for a Fall, backyard wedding.  Beautiful weather, family, and a lot of laughter. My family's property was the most fabulous location for the event.  The caterers served the most delicious chicken I've ever eaten and when the sun went down, we danced the night away.  Kate and Seth, thanks so much for letting me capturing this day for you and for a super fun weekend!



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Kyle | Vancouver, WA Senior Photographer | Hockinson High School Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46 Vancouver WA Senior PhotographerBrabec-46

Spent a nice evening at Lewisville Park with Kyle and his family.  Kyle enjoys playing football for Hockinson High School and spending time in the outdoors.  Of course, living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, how could you not love being outside! Congrats Kyle! I hope you have a great senior year! 

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Baby Wylee | Vancouver, WA Newborn Photographer Rhodes-40Rhodes-40 Rhodes-39Rhodes-39 Rhodes-38Rhodes-38 Rhodes-37Rhodes-37 Rhodes-35Rhodes-35 Rhodes-34Rhodes-34 Rhodes-33Rhodes-33 Rhodes-31Rhodes-31 Rhodes-30Rhodes-30 Rhodes-29Rhodes-29 Rhodes-27Rhodes-27 Rhodes-26Rhodes-26 Rhodes-25Rhodes-25 Rhodes-28Rhodes-28 Rhodes-24Rhodes-24 Rhodes-23Rhodes-23 Rhodes-21Rhodes-21 Rhodes-20Rhodes-20 Rhodes-19Rhodes-19 Rhodes-18Rhodes-18 Rhodes-17Rhodes-17 Rhodes-16Rhodes-16 Rhodes-15Rhodes-15 Rhodes-14Rhodes-14 Rhodes-11Rhodes-11 Rhodes-8Rhodes-8 Rhodes-6Rhodes-6 Rhodes-4Rhodes-4 Rhodes-3Rhodes-3 Rhodes-2Rhodes-2 RhodesBaby-25RhodesBaby-25 RhodesBaby-24RhodesBaby-24 RhodesBaby-23RhodesBaby-23 RhodesBaby-22RhodesBaby-22 RhodesBaby-19RhodesBaby-19 RhodesBaby-18RhodesBaby-18 RhodesBaby-17RhodesBaby-17 RhodesBaby-16RhodesBaby-16 RhodesBaby-15RhodesBaby-15 RhodesBaby-14RhodesBaby-14 RhodesBaby-12RhodesBaby-12 RhodesBaby-8RhodesBaby-8 RhodesBaby-7RhodesBaby-7 RhodesBaby-5RhodesBaby-5 RhodesBaby-3RhodesBaby-3

I can't even choose favorites.  Such a sweet family and precious little baby.  Thanks for letting me spend some time capturing these precious and fleeting moments. 

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McKenna | Class of 2018 | Vancouver, WA Senior Photographer trees-45trees-45 trees-42trees-42 trees-44trees-44 trees-40trees-40 trees-39trees-39 trees-38trees-38 trees-35trees-35 trees-34trees-34 trees-32trees-32 trees-31trees-31 trees-30trees-30 McKenna-2McKenna-2 trees-29trees-29    trees-25trees-25 trees-23trees-23 trees-20trees-20 trees-2trees-2 trees-19trees-19 trees-18trees-18 trees-17trees-17 trees-15trees-15 trees-14trees-14 McKennaMcKenna trees-12trees-12 trees-9trees-9 trees-8trees-8 trees-7trees-7 trees-6trees-6

McKenna's mom and I worked together several years ago when she was my student teacher.  I was realizing while I edited these photos that she was the first person to know I was in labor with my youngest.  I still remember being in the middle of teaching when she asked if I was okay.  Just a few hours later I was holding my baby!  We ran into each other again this summer at a training and I was thrilled when she asked me to take her daughter's senior portraits.  McKenna is beautiful, both inside and out and not only that but she's a musician!  McKenna, thanks for being so easy and fun to work with!  I hope you have an amazing senior year! 

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Baby Tekoa | Vancouver, WA Newborn Photographer Wiley-6Wiley-6 Wiley-7Wiley-7 WileyWiley Wiley-30Wiley-30 Wiley-32Wiley-32 Wiley-31Wiley-31 Wiley-33Wiley-33 Wiley-35Wiley-35 Wiley-36Wiley-36 Wiley-37Wiley-37 Wiley-38Wiley-38 Wiley-10Wiley-10 Wiley-39Wiley-39 Wiley-40Wiley-40 Wiley-41Wiley-41 Wiley-43Wiley-43 Wiley-44Wiley-44 Wiley-45Wiley-45 Wiley-46Wiley-46 Wiley-47Wiley-47 Wiley-48Wiley-48 Wiley-49Wiley-49 Wiley-51Wiley-51 Wiley-52Wiley-52 Wiley-55Wiley-55 Wiley-56Wiley-56 Wiley-16Wiley-16 Wiley-18Wiley-18    Wiley-20Wiley-20 Wiley-22Wiley-22 Wiley-58Wiley-58 Wiley-59Wiley-59 Wiley-17Wiley-17 Wiley-60Wiley-60 Wiley-24Wiley-24 Wiley-25Wiley-25 Wiley-69Wiley-69 Wiley-70Wiley-70 Wiley-71Wiley-71 Wiley-72Wiley-72 Wiley-74Wiley-74 Wiley-27Wiley-27 Wiley-77Wiley-77 Wiley-79Wiley-79 Wiley-83Wiley-83 Wiley-81Wiley-81 Wiley-84Wiley-84 Wiley-85Wiley-85

Just over two years ago this lovely family came back to Vancouver from Indonesia to have their first sweet baby girl and now she is a wonderful big sister to this handsome little guy! So glad I was able to spend a little time with them and capture a few moments with Tekoa during this fleeting life stage. I just adored how he looked at his momma and dad.  And big sister was just perfect.  She clearly loves that little guy so much! Congrats Jared and Teresa! So happy for all of you!

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Baby Kade | Vancouver, WA Newborn Photographer LaFave-103LaFave-103 LaFave-100LaFave-100 LaFave-97LaFave-97 LaFave-94LaFave-94 LaFave-93LaFave-93 LaFave-92LaFave-92 LaFave-91LaFave-91 LaFave-88LaFave-88 LaFave-89LaFave-89 LaFave-87LaFave-87 LaFave-85LaFave-85 LaFave-82LaFave-82 LaFave-80LaFave-80 LaFave-76LaFave-76 LaFave-6LaFave-6 LaFave-75LaFave-75 LaFave-73LaFave-73 LaFave-69LaFave-69 LaFave-72LaFave-72 LaFave-68LaFave-68 LaFave-67LaFave-67 LaFave-65LaFave-65 LaFave-64LaFave-64 LaFave-63LaFave-63 LaFave-62LaFave-62 LaFave-54LaFave-54 LaFave-57LaFave-57 LaFave-56LaFave-56 LaFave-55LaFave-55 LaFave-53LaFave-53 LaFave-51LaFave-51 LaFave-50LaFave-50 LaFave-47LaFave-47 LaFave-3LaFave-3 LaFave-45LaFave-45 LaFave-2LaFave-2 LaFave-42LaFave-42 LaFave-39LaFave-39 LaFave-37LaFave-37 LaFave-35LaFave-35 LaFave-34LaFave-34 LaFave-33LaFave-33 LaFave-32LaFave-32 LaFave-30LaFave-30 LaFave-104LaFave-104 LaFave-22LaFave-22 LaFave-21LaFave-21 LaFave-9LaFave-9 LaFave-8LaFave-8 LaFave-19LaFave-19 LaFave-18LaFave-18 LaFave-11LaFave-11 LaFave-10LaFave-10

Ok, Kade wasn't quite a newborn anymore when we finally connected but that meant we got to see lots of smiles and bright eyes from this little sweetie!  It was so nice meeting Kade and his family and spending some time in their beautiful Vancouver home. 

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Jay and Teresa | Backyard Portland Wedding | Portland Wedding Photographer JayTeresa-2JayTeresa-2 JayTeresa-15JayTeresa-15 JayTeresa-14JayTeresa-14 JayTeresa-13JayTeresa-13 JayTeresa-6JayTeresa-6 JayTeresa-5JayTeresa-5 JayTeresa-4JayTeresa-4 JayTeresa-3JayTeresa-3

JayTeresa-7JayTeresa-7 JayTeresa-12JayTeresa-12 JayTeresa-11JayTeresa-11 JayTeresa-10JayTeresa-10 JayTeresa-9JayTeresa-9 JayTeresa-8JayTeresa-8 JayTeresa-16JayTeresa-16

JayTeresa-17JayTeresa-17 JayTeresa-18JayTeresa-18 JayTeresa-19JayTeresa-19 JayTeresa-20JayTeresa-20 JayTeresa-21JayTeresa-21 JayTeresa-22JayTeresa-22 JayTeresa-23JayTeresa-23 JayTeresa-24JayTeresa-24 JayTeresa-25JayTeresa-25 JayTeresa-26JayTeresa-26 JayTeresa-27JayTeresa-27 JayTeresa-28JayTeresa-28 JayTeresa-29JayTeresa-29 JayTeresa-30JayTeresa-30 JayTeresa-31JayTeresa-31

JayTeresa-32JayTeresa-32 JayTeresa-33JayTeresa-33 JayTeresa-34JayTeresa-34 JayTeresa-35JayTeresa-35 JayTeresa-36JayTeresa-36 JayTeresa-37JayTeresa-37 JayTeresa-38JayTeresa-38 JayTeresa-39JayTeresa-39 JayTeresa-40JayTeresa-40 JayTeresa-42JayTeresa-42 JayTeresa-43JayTeresa-43 JayTeresa-44JayTeresa-44 JayTeresa-45JayTeresa-45 JayTeresa-46JayTeresa-46 JayTeresa-47JayTeresa-47

JayTeresa-48JayTeresa-48 JayTeresa-49JayTeresa-49 JayTeresa-50JayTeresa-50 JayTeresa-51JayTeresa-51 JayTeresa-52JayTeresa-52 JayTeresa-53JayTeresa-53 JayTeresa-54JayTeresa-54 JayTeresa-55JayTeresa-55 JayTeresa-56JayTeresa-56 JayTeresa-58JayTeresa-58 JayTeresa-59JayTeresa-59 JayTeresa-57JayTeresa-57 JayTeresa-60JayTeresa-60 JayTeresa-61JayTeresa-61 JayTeresa-62JayTeresa-62 JayTeresa-63JayTeresa-63 JayTeresaJayTeresa

When Teresa contacted me to see if I'd be interested in capturing this day, she let me know that this was a very special event and that the photographs would mean more to her than just pretty images to put on the wall.  I was honored to be there to capture the laughs and tears and provide these lasting memories. It was a truly beautiful day.

And for the record, I absolutely love backyard weddings. Love them.

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Dipali | Class of 2018 | Vancouver, WA Senior Photographer Dipali-39Dipali-39 Dipali-38Dipali-38 Dipali-37Dipali-37 Dipali-36Dipali-36 Dipali-34Dipali-34 Dipali-33Dipali-33 Dipali-31Dipali-31 Dipali-30Dipali-30 Dipali-29Dipali-29 Dipali-28Dipali-28 Dipali-27Dipali-27 Dipali-26Dipali-26 Dipali-25Dipali-25 Dipali-24Dipali-24 Dipali-23Dipali-23 Dipali-21Dipali-21 Dipali-19Dipali-19 Dipali-16Dipali-16 Dipali-17Dipali-17 Dipali-14Dipali-14 Dipali-13Dipali-13 Dipali-2Dipali-2 Dipali-11Dipali-11 Dipali-10Dipali-10 Dipali-8Dipali-8

Dipali-51Dipali-51 Dipali-50Dipali-50 Dipali-48Dipali-48 Dipali-46Dipali-46 Dipali-47Dipali-47 Dipali-43Dipali-43 Dipali-41Dipali-41


In spite of the fact that it was the hottest day of the year, Dipali was so chill and fun to hang out with. And isn't she just so beautiful? The details of her dress are so incredibly lovely. Thanks for allowing me to be your senior photographer, Dipali.  I hope it's a great senior year! 

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Baby Nolan | Vancouver, WA Newborn Photographer Brown-60Brown-60

Brown-63Brown-63 Brown-59Brown-59 Brown-57Brown-57 Brown-56Brown-56 Brown-61Brown-61 Brown-53Brown-53 Brown-52Brown-52 Brown-51Brown-51 Brown-50Brown-50 Brown-46Brown-46 Brown-48Brown-48 Brown-47Brown-47 Brown-45Brown-45 Brown-44Brown-44 Brown-43Brown-43 Brown-41Brown-41 Brown-39Brown-39 Brown-36Brown-36 Brown-37Brown-37 Brown-34Brown-34 Brown-33Brown-33 Brown-32Brown-32 Brown-31Brown-31 Brown-30Brown-30 Brown-29Brown-29 Brown-27Brown-27 Brown-25Brown-25 Brown-23Brown-23 Brown-22Brown-22 Brown-21Brown-21 Brown-20Brown-20 Brown-19Brown-19 Brown-18Brown-18 Brown-17Brown-17 Brown-16Brown-16 Brown-15Brown-15 Brown-11Brown-11 Brown-10Brown-10 Brown-9Brown-9 Brown-13Brown-13 BrownBrown Brown-6Brown-6

Brown-79Brown-79 Brown-78Brown-78 Brown-76Brown-76 Brown-75Brown-75 Brown-74Brown-74 Brown-72Brown-72 Brown-71Brown-71 Brown-69Brown-69 Brown-70Brown-70 Brown-67Brown-67 Brown-68Brown-68 Brown-65Brown-65

After a busy week, I am happy to be catching up on some photos!  This year has been filled with families I have photographed since their first little one was born and now I'm so lucky to capture some moments with their 2nd born!  And, do you think these little brothers are related!  I mean, wow!  Twins, but two years a part! I bet Miller's going to be a great big brother.  Nolan is just as perfect as can be (although I'm sure his parents might argue with that in the middle of the night!). Wishing you all lots of fun with your little guy AND a good night sleep, at least every once in a while. ;-) 

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